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A Delta Tech Epay card Prepaid MasterCard® looks and feels like a debit or credit card, it needs to be loaded with funds before it can be used. There is no credit involved and it is not linked to your bank account.
Activation is done by Delta Tech team, upon receipt payment onto IBAN account.
Once your card has been loaded with funds you will receive user name and password to your back office / management tool for your card. PIN will be provided on the same letter.
Most high street ATM providers will allow you to change your PIN at the ATM.
You are unable to load the card yourself. Only the company providing you the card can load it.
Immediately. As soon as your card has been loaded you will be able to withdraw cash from an ATM or make a purchase at a shop or online.
If you have lost your card your card it has been stolen then please contact us without undue delay on +35699762935 (Europe) or +17204038450 to report it, you may also block the card from your back office Login.
You can view your balance and transactions from the online cardholder portal.
You can spend the card anywhere that accepts MasterCard cards, which is over 35 million locations worldwide. Just look for the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.